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A community for people who love icons.

This community is made for people looking for icons of just about anything. Icons will be posted on occasion that are made for your own use. There are however, just like most communities, rules.


~ No stealing icons! If you find an icon you want, you comment on the entry saying which icons you took and you be sure to give that person credit. If you are caught stealing icons, you will be banned from the community. It takes only one time.
~ Anyone can make icons. This community may have been made by me, but I'm not the only one allowed to make icons. Everyone can post icons for other members to use, but the same rules apply for everyone's icons. Give credit!
~ We don't have to customize. When icons are made, it's up to the person who made the icons, whether or not they will allow their icons to be customized. Don't just start asking for icons to be customized. That's up to the icon maker.
~ No requesting icons. This is not an icon requesting community. There are plenty other communities that allow you to do that already.
~ No criticizing icons negatively. If you don't like the icons or the subject the icons. People have different tastes and likes. Someone may like the icons and choose to use them.
~ No advertising for other communities. That's what community_promo is for.
~ No posting quiz results or surveys. Post them in your own journal. That's not what this community is for.
~ Use LJ cut. If you're posting a large number of icons, please put most of them behind LJ cut. Some people have slower computers and loading all of that when they're not choosing to check them all out, is unnecessary.
~ Set all entries in this community to "Friends Only". We've had a problem with people not joining the community, only adding it to their friends list and "watching" or just skimming communities. I have caught people stealing icons without crediting. This is a problem that I will not tolerate. The people posting icons in this community deserve the right to know who's using their icons and making sure their recieving the credit they deserve for their work. So, start setting all your entries to "friends only" when you post them in here to be sure only members are allowed to use the icons.
~ Please link us. All you have to do is zave this image and post it on your info page. It's a small way of advertizing for us. I mean, if you can be in the community, then advertize in this small way to allow others to join.
<~~~~~ This is our link.

This community is for people to have fun posting their work and to allow others to enjoy it and use it in their journal if they would like. Let's not break the rules because they aren't hard rules to follow, and in fact, are the usual rules. Easy enough in my book.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at wildncrazyd@livejournal.com.

So have fun and enjoy! :)

Maintainer: wildncrazyd