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I know there are zillion and a half creative people out there in LJ land, and I realy want a new layout based around an icon..but I want to see what anyone can come up with icon wise because I'm not feeling overly creative at the moment. So if someone wants to make me some icons or a header, or something with the lyrics..I'd be eternally grateful and forever in your debt. :p Who knows..if I like yours enough, it'll be the stepping stone for my whooooooole layout. :p So either an icon..or a header..or whatever you feel like..if you feel like it. :p It's not really a biggie, I'm just lacking in creativity at the moment. :)

Such rage that you could scream all the stars out of the sky and destroy the prettiest starry night.

After all these images of pain have cut right through you, I will kiss every scar, and weep 'you are not alone'. Then I will show you the place in my chest where my heart still tries to beat.

If I gave you enough pretty words could you paint a picture of us that works?

Seems to me that even love can die.

The world around you falls away and I will still be there.
I know my words are like daggers, but they cut me too.

I remember when my dreams were dying and I damned the sun, I damned the sun to pieces. I carved hateful thoughts into my chest and then you took my hand and nothing has ever felt the same. And nothing has ever, nothing has ever felt the same.

I wish I could stop crying. I wish someone still loved me.

I'm sorry that I'm still breathing.

Bleeding hearts shed no tears.

Thank you all so much in advance! :)

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